Spring brings farmers and random green-thumbers to the fields, players to the parks and playgrounds, other folks to their gardens and yards, dancers to the streets, old and new vessels to splash into the water, landsmen and fraus to the pierheads, and fishermen and fotograffers for pleasant escapades along the riverbanks.  Boat crews spend more time on deck, where they can see to execute their work and take relief from it.  I last added to this series less than a month ago here.   Crew on Dynamic Express might be out to watch their escort as well as handle line.


Deckhand on Miriam tends line on the h-bitt,


and undoes it as needed.  Notice crewman at helm looking out port window.


Crewman departs Zim San Francisco to rejoin Sisters,


survey craft Wolf River currently has no one out on deck but their equipment lets them see where others can’t anyhow no matter who’s where,


Enjoy the rest of these people on the boro shots:   Marion C. Bouchard,

aapb6Mary Gellatly,




Ruth M.


more Ruth M., which has an angular but interesting stern.


Crewman on the sixth boro might call anywhere home, like this guy on Turkon Line’s Ecem Kalkavan as Taurus moves in with a bunker barge.

aapb10Crewmen from APL Japan prepare bays 54 and 55 to receive 20′ containers.

aaaapb9Actually, it’s time for me to get out there myself.  Later.

Images, WVD.