I’m most interested in the surface painted black, but that neck goes upward forever . . . or at least high enough to almost scrape the underside of the Bayonne Bridge.  Well . . .


okay, I exaggerate a quite a bit.  See Bronze 3 for the upper wheelhouse, but when JoAnne came off the ways in 1970 as DAD III, no tower stood there.  DAD expands to Doucet & Adams, Inc., Galliano, La.  Reinauer acquired the vessel around 1979-1980, when JoAnne looked as shown below.

The upper wheelhouse was added as shown, and she kept this profile until her conversion last year.  A bonus interest about the foto below is the setting:  Erie Basin as Ikea was beginning its radical surgery;  compare with the second foto here.


From the same era and thanks to Bill Lynch, here JoAnne III heads westbound off South Street Seaport.


Here’s a parting shot of Joanne III in her current state.  Why is the mid-section of her hull bulked up as it is, no walkway?  The massive size there brings to mind the sides of the ironclad Merrimack aka CSS Virginia.


Fotos 2 and 3 come compliments of Harold E. Tartell.  Thanks Harold.  Fotos 1 and 5 by Will Van Dorp.

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