It’s been a while since I’ve followed these color threads.  Here’s Maroon 2.  Below, looking past the barge and the bow of sad Phillip T. Feeney towards the Moran New York home base, Miriam and Gramma Lee T Moran obscure the Moran ATB’s name.  Scott Turecamo mayhaps?


On this rainy morning last week–all mornings last week seemed rainy–Gramma Lee T Moran heads back to home base.  Those are the cliffs of Jersey City, not Manhattan, in the background.


Here’s a slightly different angle back at home base.


And the morning (about 7 am) light–or absence of it–makes Lee T more ominous.  Unrelated:  Bowsprite, devoted student of AIS as well as VHF, observes that Lee T shows up here as a Haitian vessel.  What!??


Here’s another shot of Miriam Moran, with Lauritzen tanker Dan Eagle in the background.


More Moran and more fleets soon.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.