I can’t believe nearly two years have passed since I last did a red tug post.  In truth, I should call this double-white-ring-on-red-stack fleet, because I mean McAllister.


Imagine all the trucks, all the stuff, unexpected stuff comes in containers from across the seas.   And to get it off loaded .  . . a process that begins EVEN before all the docking lines are secured, I’ve noticed.


Sisters strains, but


Ellen, with her black smoke, does the visual equivalent of a grunt, and the ship, all dozens of thousands of tons, slips compliantly toward the dock at just the right vector.


All fotos by Will Van Dorp, who changed his mind about a “blotus,”   blogging hiatus.

And yes, I’m upriver, Onrust country, where I find that the farther one gets from the sixth boro, the moro the sixth boro shows its having permeated far and wide.  Upriver fotos next week.

By the way, more on this soon, but PLAN to be in Rotterdam Junction on May 20 for the Onrust splash!!