Back last September, I wrote about a NYC christening, using bowsprite’s inimitable fotos.  Since I feel another christening approach, here’s a way to do it.  These fotos come compliments of uglyships’ usually irreverent Zee Bart and feature the ceremony for his command.  Smit Kamara, although it currently works the North Sea, was built in Singapore.  As you might expect, the christening blended the traditions of the North Sea and the Southeast Asian waters.

Take one glass champagne vessel and suspend it with Dutch-colored ribbon,


move bladed hand near said-ribbon,


cue up local drummers and a dragon ready to be roused,


snip ribbon,


release these bulbous-headed skinny-tailed vessels into the ether,


and gush!  New vessel begins life halfway round the world from its work.


Sister vessel Komodo followed the same path until the point depicted above, then traveled halfway the other direction toward its territory in northeast Siberia.

So I wonder how this next impending christening will unroll….

Unrelated:  A new logbook page has beamed in from obsessed Henry and the Half Moon headed for Cathay 1609.  Check it out here.