Before seven a.m. yesterday I’d already overstimulated my excitement circuits:  two large container vessels dock almost simultaneously at Howland Hook.  Four McAllister tugs and the two behemoths (APL Cyprine and Hyundai Voyager) make me feel better than any loafer on the docks of 17th century Amsterdam watching a VOC East Indiaman return treasure laden from the Indies . . . or  . . . any roustabout wharf-gallivanting as a fleet of Spanish galleons deep with New World gold floated into 16th century Cadiz.  What riches albeit mundane wait sealed within all those containers?  By the way . . . tugs from near to far are Ellen, Amy C., Rosemary, and Responder.


First some fotos of  Cyprine, eeriily silent, Amy C‘s running lights


reflect on Cyprine‘s hull


the greatest noise coming from the torrents rushing through the bow thruster.  Wonder what the thruster diameter might be?


As Cyprine (what a fabulous AND curious name . . . wonder how it got attached to this frequent visitor to the sixth boro??) approaches its berth, Amy C throws itself into countering Cyprine‘s momentum


with all its power, torquing itself over as the larger vessel begins lateral movement


thrust toward the bulkhead by both tugs now, Ellen seeming almost to crawl


to creep bowfirst,


up Cyprine‘s wall-like starboard.


Tis amazing to watch!  Tomorrow more of my May Day morning.

How would this vessel get the name Cyprine?  If you haven’t noticed yet, check here for Cyprine . . . bet it’s not meaning #3.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.