A heaving line draws a docking line upward . . . to some point above the crewman standing on deck of the vessel with  odd-blue hull and bluff bow like an aak or a dear friend’s icon.  The black background lacks much detail, maybe part of an immense monolith.  Enough clues?


It’s Emma Miller making fast to President Adams, one of APL’s 21-year-old C-10s.  Some interesting details about President Adams‘ battering at the hands of Typhoon Babs here.   If other adversity of the sort has tested the vessel’s mettle (and metal) throughout its history, I’d love to hear.


Can it be that almost a quarter of  Adams‘ 21-person crew gets docking duty with Emma?


Or do some non-crew board such a vessel during in-port routines?  I’d love to hear “takes” from folks having experience with this.


This bucket lowered and retrieved intrigues me . . . a variation on the basket lowered at the Seaway for what . . . a receipt?  cash or credit card to pay for lube products?  sample of Adams‘ galley delights?   And why not make off to the recessed bitts/dutch bollards embedded in the President?


All formalities completed, a hose is run, valves open, and lube


fluids transfer.


All fotos by Will Van Dorp, who wishes he’d been on scene five minutes earlier to watch Emma‘s approach.

Unrelated:  you know FedEx.  Now check VessEx.