But no . . . not unlikely at all.  Without boring you about the meaningful pairs I enjoy in my life, the caldron we call the universe runs over (excuse my poetic tangent there . . . like a sneeze) with them: the moon has a sun, every satisfied shark interacts with a remora (or two), a green parrot once dominated a pirate, a nautical pussy ran off with a seafaring owl, Senor Quixote consorted with both Senor Panza & Rocinante, Ishmael and Queeqeq shared a mattress in a place called New Bedford, rum mixes well with coke, my belly harbors friendly acidophilus,  . . .  and Lucia (121′ loa x 38′ @ 7000+ hp)  needs June K (78′ x 26′ @ 2700 hp).


I’d like to see barge Caribbean light some time because heavy leaden as here, the bow resembles a ship.


Side by side they pass, and


on this afternoon, June K looks more fulfilled than ever.


If I judged from my life, I’d say unlikely pairings are usually the strongest.

Unrelated:  lest we get thinking ourselves too high-minded and clean-handed, check out Jim Dwyer’s Times article with an interesting history lesson this morning on New York’s choosing at times of dubious leadership to use piracy as a “development” tool.

Photos:  WVD.