Some may underestimate the climate diversity of New York, the state.  After shutting down for the winter, the Saint Lawrence Seaway along the north  just re-opened last week.  Check out this link from the Alexandria Bay newspaper.  The foto below from 2008  shows ice on Oswego harbor, which leads into Lake Ontario and downbound to the Saint Lawrence River.   As a kid, I enjoyed hearing stories told about folks driving across the Saint Lawrence between the US and Canada.  See allusion in this linkNine Mile Point steams in background.


Photos above and below, after ice-out,  come compliments of Susanne DeLong.

aato2Below is a “recycled” image from a year and a half ago.   I wrote about LT-5 here.


It was my Canadian cousins (literally) who regaled me with stories of driving their cars between the two countries.  Check out a newspaper story here.

Photos, WVD.