Minimal text today:  Houma (ex-Texaco Houma II) launched at Jakobson’s Shipyard in Long Island in 1970,


Kristy Ann Reinauer (ex-Interstate Transporter) launched at Main in Louisiana in 1962,


Laura K Moran launched at Washburn & Doughty in Maine in 2008,


June K launched at A & B Industries of Morgan City in Louisiana in 2003) and King Philip … Seaboats Inc of Rhode Island in 1996,


Pegasus (ex-Al Cenac)  Al Cenac in Louisiana in 2006,


Peter F Gellatly Thoma-Sea Boat Builder in Louisiana in 2008, and


Hope you enjoyed  the boats AND the backgrounds, literal and historical.  I’m headed out.

Oh . . . two asides before I go:

if all the extra dollars in your life haven’t been spent yet, wanna buy a “sixth boro” lighthouse?

in case you haven’t seen Henry’s latest missive from –still on the wharf–Amsterdam?

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.