A week into spring, with ice long gone from the mid-Hudson and  a forecast for rain,  Bowsprite and I decided no better time offered itself to go north from the sixth boro.  Along the way, river traffic charmed us with  hide-and-seek in the blurs, like this unidentified Bouchard unit upbound or


Norwegian Sea in the mist downbound.  And when the stillness of an overcast noon found us at Saugerties,


and  Justine McAllister glided past,  Bowsprite, Jeff Anzevino, and I had no choice but to


to record the beauty of this one face of spring upriver.


And when the day ended many hours later but much too soon, we thanked our hosts as they motored their way back to Kingston and we caught the train for the sixth boro.


More on the trip soon.

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All fotos above by Will Van Dorp.