This foto arrived today by USPS mail, and I’m eager to learn details I do not know.  I’ll disclose details later.  Clearly it’s the East River with stacks where they no longer stand.  Just to the left of the Chrysler Building, the skyscraper now known as Met Life  still carries the Pan Am name, and that change (on paper) happened in 1981.  The tug is Dorothy McAllister;  the ship might be


Wavertree, although the foto below shows the current color and head rig.  The foto above also seems to have a figurehead, which Wavertree at one point sported although it was not “original equipment.”


Here’s a detail of Dorothy McAllisterTugboat Enthusiasts Society‘s  Carl Wayne database shows a Dorothy McAllister built in 1973 (1971?).  Currently a Dorothy works in Charleston.


Here’s a bow detail of the ship, and one


of some crew on the afterdeck of  Dorothy.

aaaaem4And my questions are:  is this Wavertree?  How much clearance would there have been between the top of the masts and underside of the East River bridges?  What year would this have been?  Would Wavertree have been coming from the Brooklyn Navy Yard at this point?