Short post . . . enjoy the fotos of more lights around the sixth boro.  Below, Great Beds Light in the northwest corner of Raritan Bay alludes in its name to the oyster populations of that part of the Bay.  Thanks to Jed for this foto.


Travelling counterclockwise around Raritan Bay we arrive at  Twin Lights, unused now but still perched  high above the approaches to the sixth boro.


A little over 30 miles upriver is the Stony Point Light, built right about the time the Erie Canal opened, the first lighthouse on the Hudson.


Continuing north, the Light at Esopus Meadows stands at 70-plus miles north of the Battery.  Just north of the Esopus Light is Norrie Point, pictured with the pilot boat in yesterday’s post.


Rondout Light, about 80 miles north of the Battery, marks the mouth of Rondout Creek into the Hudson.  Of Rondout Creek, John Burroughs wrote, “If I were a trout, I should ascend every stream till I found the Rondout. It is the ideal brook.”  Hmm.. if I were a sturgeon, what might I do?


All fotos here except Jed’s were taken by Will Van Dorp.  I never made it up to Esopus and Rondout while the ice was in this past season, but fotos I saw showed these two lights in a very different setting.

Here’s a 1903 movie (It moves!) showing a three-minute trip up the Hudson from Haverstraw to Newburgh… no lights but interesting traffic.