Napeague Stretch , early March 2009,


KVK, early March 2009, a glazed Bruce A. McAllister,


farther east on KVK, early March 2009, a rimed Falcon,


Elizabeth, NJ, February  2009, an Allie B lost in a snow squall and dreaming of Gibraltar ,


Coney Island, June 2008, mermaid paraders reflecting on past ice and snow for an instant while welcoming summer.  With equinox past, I find myself so ready to welcome summer too, only about 90 days away.


As Dorothy Parker said, “now … the terrible slow loveliness of spring.”

And for some levity, here’s more Parkerisms:

[On the most beautiful words in the English language] The ones I like…are “cheque” and “enclosed.”

They sicken of the calm, who knew the storm.

That woman speaks eighteen languages, and can’t say No in any of them.

Ok, if you want more, here’s where I found them.  Now for the next 90 days, the fun, gallivant, bacchanal, and frolick (or anticipation thereof).  I said that.  And Dorothy, would would you say about a guy who speaks nineteen languages?

Napeague foto, thanks to Joel Milton;  others, Will Van Dorp.  No fotos at all by Dorothy Parker!