I almost called this post “mystery tug,” but I’ll identify it as the Wijsmuller tug Utrecht built in Dunkerque, France in 1956.    Fort Wadsworth places the background as Staten Island, and the Verrazano dates the photo as post-1964.


The Wijsmuller site here has great fotos that give historical context of their tows and tugs, going back to 1826!  I will not identify Utrecht‘s tow today.  The only clue I’ll give is that 34 years elapse between the foto at top and the one below, showing an unidentified McAllister tug (Charles D. ?) escorting British Tranquillity outbound the Narrows.  British Tranquillity transports oil for BP.   Answer soon to the Utrecht tow question.


Top foto compliments of Charles Deroko;  bottom one, Will Van Dorp.