I predict that at least one faithful reader will dislike my again resurrecting the use of “random” in the title, but these are snapshots in time along the marine artery I like to call the sixth boro.  If I devoted 168 hours per week or 8760 hours per year to monitoring the sixth boro using a series of cameras, I’d still get a random sampling of the machines that move raw and converted materials around this part of the globe.  Similarly, traveling along shipping lanes into and out of the boro, one would also encounter a random sampling of vessels.  So here goes: looking east in the KVK reveals  Sichem Mississippi by the bow and


and its stern looking west. That’s Falcon (built 1978) in the background.    Eitzen Chemical is a Danish company dating from 1883;  Sichem Mississippi was launched in 2008.


Ice Blizzard also dates from 2008.


White Dolphin is a Panamax tanker, built in China in 2003, showing the Italian flag, and one of several vessels frequently calling in the sixth boro managed by Scorpio Ship Management.  Notice the boom surrounding the tanker.


Anchored in Gravesend Bay are Volunteer and Eos, a crude carrier built in 1993.  Eos is the dawn goddess, referred to repeatedly in the Odyssesy as the “rosy-fingered one.”


Below, a closer-up of Volunteer (ex-Energy Altair) 120′ loa x 37′, 4860 hp. and  built in 1982.  Anyone have fotos of her as Energy Altair?


Fotos taken along several miles on either side of the Narrows and during the past few weeks by Will Van Dorp.

And to my faithful reader (and everyone else) who dislikes my “random” this and that posts, with respect I send this link to some random quotes on life.