I love the freshness and colors of sunrise.  Specialist II danced past as I prepared myself for work one early morning last week.  At this hour the water, sky, and human culture between


changed hues as often as  . . .  dawn light does.


And not to be undone by Specialist II, Pegasus sashayed in from the east, as the two ducks positioned themselves to ride a bow wave.  Surferducks, according to my field guide.


do-si-do with a bluish bone-in-the-teeth


and keep going


and away they go and


although I saw a friend arrive from inland headed for sea, my work compelled me inland, and we passed like  . . ..  I knew that after watching this dance in this light, no work or life  challenges, no — anything could  fluster me for at least a day and longer.


Specialist II:  1956, ex-The Chief and Curly B.  84′ loa x 26.  run as its own company out of Montauk.

Pegasus:  2006, ex-Al Cenac.  75′ loa x 26′.  run by Metropolitan Marine Transportation of Staten Island.

Photos, WVD.