Click below to learn what sixth boro lighthouse commissioned in 1886 had a beacon 305 feet above the water.  A final clue:  the mystery lighthouse was functioning a full 30 years before the lighthouse below at Jeffreys Hook was.


Click here to see George’s foto of the Little Red Lighthouse.  And the beacon up at 304 feet, why it was atop our Lady of the Harbor. Can you place the red lighthouse below?  Answer at end.


Thanks to Joel Milton for the fotos of the lights of the Lower New York Bay:  Romer Shoal and


West Bank.


And thanks to Tom Mann for the fotos of Boston Light in the foreground  and Graves Light distance, and for


this shot of Minot’s Ledge off Cohassett.


Mystery light is Grand Haven Light in western Michigan.

An unforgettable lighthouse collage appears as cover art for Howard Norman’s dark novel  The Bird Artist.  Here’s the cover and a synopsis.