In my short tenure in the harbor, I’ve never heard a name other than “Governors Island ferry” for the vessel below, but according to this Albany Times-Union article, it’s Coursen, as in Samuel S. Coursen, after a Medal of Honor winner who died in Korea at age 24.  Queen Elizabeth rode Coursen, as did Mikhail Gorbachev.


A plan saw Coursen‘s labor complemented by  Islander purchased in 2007  for $500,000.  In this March 2008 article from the NYTimes, it seemed Islander had a future of carrying up to nearly 800 passengers at once to Governors Island.


Oh what a difference a year brings.  As happened to Wall Street and lots of folks “savings”, so has transpired with Islander, sold late February to the winning bidder on EBay for less than $24,000, a paltry ( . . . criminal?)  five percent of outlay two years ago.   Whose money was lost there?!   Am I missing some detail?  Is there an argument supporting this turn of events, or has a travesty been wrought with the $476,000?  I’m wondering about the quality of the survey Governors Island Preservation & Education Corp did prior to the 2007 sale.


Coursen . . . glad to know your name and namesake, but you’re left on your own.

Meanwhile, if anyone sees Islander dead ship on a tow, take a foto for me.

Images, WVD.