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I got the image below mere seconds after the lead foto in yesterday’s post on Katherine Walker.  The port cranes behind Shooter’s Island stand a good two miles away on the other side of  now-deserted land called Port Ivory, named for the soap manufacturer.

Maybe you should forget I wrote that, and just imagine more exotic origins to the name.  Like . . . “area of Staten Island where the largest indigenous mastadon herds still roam.”  Those cranes do look like ultra-large mammals.  Nice try, you say?  Would I push over the limit if I said these saber-toothed Staten Island cats had corralled the mastadons in that location?  . . . I’ll drop it.


Of all the stats in this link on the brawny Atlantic Salvor, I register only a few :  built 1977,  135′ loa (or 151′ depending who you read) x 40′ x 20, 6480 hp combined from the ALCO engines and 11′ diameter props.  Eleven foot diameter!  If I were to stand on the hub of the prop, I’d be only a bit taller than the blade!  Below, Salvor passes Taurus, whose stas:  1979, 79′ loa x 25′ x 12, 1860 hp;  all of which just means the two vessels occupy different niches.


Salvor is classified as an anchor-handling tug, like Bart’s Smit Kamara, featured here a few weeks ago.


To get back to the beam on Salvor, 40 feet equals three Prius’s parked end to end with a little overhang across the widest part of the deck, or six Smarts.  Ten Prius’s bow to stern, or twenty-five Smarts!


Anyone willing to share crew size and sample ports of call outside the North America for Salvor, either under its current name or as Mister Darby?   Salvor seems to share lines, pedigree, and dimensions with Barents Sea, ex-Mister Pete.

Speaking of crew, over at the Henry’sObsession project, read news of one unique criterion Henry Hudson might have used for hiring men to sail the Half Moon.  Check out the latest fortnightly aka halfmoonthly channeling from 400 years back.

Unrelated:  See tana’s comment for link to an animated youtube short of the Hudson River landing of USAirways Flight 1549.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

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