Atlantic Salvor sees Katherine Walker on two whistles and overtakes around Bergen Point.  To my untrained eye,  Salvor is as formidable as  Walker is  specialized.  More on Salvor soon.


I’ve posted about Katherine Walker several times before, most recently here.


Given the pressures of storms and wind, possible impact (literally) of shipping, and


changes to channels,  Katherine Walker performs one of those never-ending,


thankless jobs of keeping the channels well-marked, a task critical in  getting imports from faraway to the familiarity of our lives.

George Conk has fotos here of Katherine Walker using bow and stern thrusters to power away from a newly placed buoy just north of the George Washington Bridge.  George’s blog VOYAGES on my blogroll offers views along not only the North River but also in many other nooks and crannies of the wateryworld.

Finally, here’s another take on last Friday’s waterbloggergathering from John of summittoshore.

Images, WVD.