The name reveals the cargo, so no mystery exists in that respect.


Asphalt is used in applications as diverse as  cattle spray to shingles to paint to–of course–roads.  See a complete list here, all part of our petroleum diet.  When will this feast on processed dino-era greens end?


As it turns out, Asphalt Seminole has appeared on this blog before not quite a year ago.


A year ago, Miriam was part of a tug parade to celebrate the opening of an exhibit on tugboats at Snug Harbor.  She was also featured here in the countdown to the race in September 08.


Here’s a YouTube of Asphalt Seminole transiting Cape Cod Canal.


As it turns out, fellow-NY blogger Claude Scales did a post on Asphalt Seminole over two years ago.

All images by Will Van Dorp.