OK . . . it’s time to fess up . . .  you may have imagined this a successful WATER blog, but the tugster post with the highest all-time hits was . . .  not a random tugs installment, not a salvage post, not a daily ship, not even a post with a respectably deep water.

No, the all-time most-frequently viewed (out of over 700 posts) bears the title “Equinox” and features a be-misted and ecstatic  parrot and a be-legged dancing mermaid.  Now don’t get me wrong . . . I have a powerful attraction to exuberant parrots and dancers, and this stern view of she with the frizzy hair and large hybiscus blossom attracts powerful attention . . .


but this is a WATER blog.  Truth be telled,  I’m not unhappy.  The parrot rules my roost, and someday I might even meet that mermaid or learn her name or sea.  Meanwhile, in the sixth boro, where the temperatures just don’t reach high upward enough to celebrate as warmer climes might allow this day, enjoy this foto for now. Or go over to Hawsepiper Pirate Paul and see what “very tasteful …pictures” he offers up.   Maybe I’ll put up an “Equinox Redux” post when spring arrives in less than a month.

Odds and ends:  Wednesday what a shot I missed in Staten Island driving southbound on 440 near the Bayonne Bridge approach;  in the northbound lane I spotted five (!) in a row USCG Defenders headed north . . .  on trailers of course.  What a shot .

And finally, indulge me here . . . rap does not provide the soundtrack to my life, but this weekend I stumbled onto the music of a Somali-born Canadian, birth name Kaynaan Warsame singing as K’naan, son of an immigrant who drove a New York City taxi, and scion of Somali poets and singers.  So conjure up the influences coursing through such a person from a soupy geography of anarchy we now associate with piracy, and then give a listen.  This may contain a kernel of truth;  rogues should be recognized wherever they are.  My ire was raised when a pristine lake I love in New Hampshire was once besmirched by a rogue night dumping of drums of chemical byproduct.

Meanwhile . . .  one more foto here. . .  a flip of a coin for parrot or dancer yields . . .


mermaid communications, of course.  Laissez les bon temps roullez.