Presidents Day.  This might not be what you expect.  See the vessel below.  It’s not the Beagle, not named for a type of dog.


Now that’s an odd name for a tanker, but the fleet has several other “kings.”


So you see where this is going:  Lincoln Sea:  I hadn’t seen this tug in quite a while and then … I couldn’t get to the other side of the KVK to get a better shot.


So here’s a shot of Lincoln Sea near Shooter’s Island from  a few years back, my first view of the tug.  Wow!  was all I could say.


Technically, Presidents Day  is dedicated to the ones born in February, and Truman is from early May, (notice rising sun just portside of bow) but


I can’t imagine a federal holiday for honoring only some U. S.  presidents, so this APL vessel will just have to do, since I don’t expect I’ll ever see a vessel called “February Presidents.”

By the way, Lincoln Sea–8000 hp.  President Truman–57,000 hp.  King Darwin–too evolved to release hp information.

For a whole different take on Darwin, check prolific bowsprite’s “longest titled” post here. Now I’m adding one more sentence to my post  (Check out Henry’s latest letter from Amsterdam here.) so that I could retitle this post as “Darwin, Lincoln, Presidents Day, and Henry Hudson” and eclipse bowsprite’s title word-length.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.