Bowsprite’s Tugkiss post recalled one I did some months back on full frontal …  here.   This recollection made me return to archives for other imagined kisses, like the one below of Davis Sea and Janice Ann at the Tug Race 2007, a likely pair, whose kiss entertains humans on the pier as well as a single commercial gecko on the billboard beyond Davis.


And then unlikely pairs happen, like Cornell‘s hoary rostrum giving the tiny BTU moments of anticipation, amusing a similarly lopsided set of observers..


Even official vessels can lose all self-consciousness during moments of abandon.


At Tug Race 2008 when Teri Lou looks for some stress-relieving kissing, you might imagine she’d find the likes of


Ron D. Garner, right?  But


But no . . . objects of our attractions might be quite unexpected.  Who would have thought she’d be drawn to  . . . W. O.?


Bowsprite . . . you might –like a photographer at a Valentine’s Day ball– brush all day creating aquarelles of the stuff that keeps philematologists busy.  Isobel Gloag created one of my favorite painted kisses here, top left.

This just in:  Henry’s sent his latest update from Amsterdam.  Check it here.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp;  Ron D. Garner was foto’d eastbound on KVK this week.