The other day while consuming what bowsprite calls “VHF prose,” I heard a minimal report:  “Jane . . . bound for sea.”


Jane . . .”  It’s certainly clearer than “IMO   9269702.”


Watch Jane pass by Howland Hook bound for points south on the Arthur Kill.


To get a sense of Jane‘s size, that’s the red shirt of a crewman bent over just aft of the starboard midships ladder.


See the size of the pin at waterline.


Not that Jane is the largest tug calling in the boro; she has a larger sibling, for example.  Some vitals:  built in Lockport, LA at the Bollinger yard in 2003,  124′ x 38 x 22.  6000+ horsepower sipping from a 150,000 gallon fuel supply.  All the vitals . . . like namesake . . . here.


Jane . . . bound for sea” sounds so modest.  And come to think about it, one of the first words I learned to read . . . “Jane” as in “Run, Jane, Run.”

More on Jane A. Bouchard‘s big sister (whom I recently slighted…sorry!) soon.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.