Weeks 533 doesn’t just do Airbus 320s.


I can imagine a joke with this premise:  so four locomotives waiting on the dock in Port Newark want to get across the water to Staten Island, and …


Oh well, not sure where to go with the joke.  Weeks 533 knew exactly how to do it though:  20 minutes to lift and swing and at least another 20 minutes more to spot on barge.


The tugs are  Shelby and Sea Wolf.


All loaded, Staten Island Railroad freight locomotives 776, 777, 778, and 779 all ready to cross, and the elusive Sea Wolf has disappeared, and


Shelby might be off with another lifter to the next job, like reefing?  See Weeks history here.


I’m not all that familiar with the freight Staten Island Railroad (SIRR) although I’ve taken the passenger train “coast to coast” i.e., St George to Tottenville, but where would these be headed?  Presumably, they could ride the rails to Staten Island over the Arthur Kill Lift Bridge, as this Youtube shows, so I’m wondering why they weren’t.  Answer might be here.

Under the “I didn’t know that” heading, check this out:  AK lift bridge is the largest vertical lift bridge in the world, unless wikipedia got it wrong.

All fotos except the last one are compliments of Jed.