… big city” is the way the song, novel, and play phrase it.  But these bright lights shine in remote locations.  All fotos here credit to Jed, still sailing far off from the sixth boro.  Guess the whereabouts 0f the light below?


If you said Santiago de Cuba, where some of my students come from, you’d be wrong, in spite of the beached Giselle.  If you said Guantanamo, you were correct.  Now that’s a place name that means many things to many people.  Any guesses where the next two might be?


Just as Boon Island might, these seem invite the name “Light at the End of the World.”  By the way, Kenneth Roberts 1955 novel Boon Island is an unforgettable piece of historical fiction.


Both are located in Puerto Rico, Los Morillos (1882)  and Arecibo (1898), respectively.

And talking about lights and light, here’ s great tug site the ubiquitous bowsprite passed along yesterday:  Captain Jan Tiura, creator of phototiura, does brillant work.  I’ve added her to my blogroll.

Lighthouses in remote (seeming to anyone who doesn’t live where they’re located) locations call to mind a movie I saw on the late show years ago:  Light at the End of the World, based on a non-sci-fi Jules Verne novel.

If you’re interested in sleeping in a lighthouse, the Saugerties Light runs a bed and breakfast.  Check it out here.  Meanwhile, I’m interested in fotos/stories about other lights.  With encouragement, I may even tell of my lighthouse girlfriend from way back.

Back to Guantanamo, I just learned the connection between that location and a song I’ve loved since before hair sprouted on my face:  Guantanamera, a love song about a Guantanamo guy who gets girl… then loses girl.  Hear it here.  More lighthouses soon.