I had something else planned for today, but thanks to Richard’s comment, I couldn’t contain myself if I don’t post this link:  here’s the story of Cape Race.  I love the sails on that collage;  maybe a kite could be added.


Also this from Joel, who says he can “give  positive, first-hand confirmation that the Cape Race was moored in Newtown Creek for a year or so (at least) around ’05ish. It was tied up (partially to trees, as I recall) bow-in, starboard side to on the Brooklyn side just before the Pulaski Bridge.”  He adds he would “observe people out on deck in lawn chairs enjoying  frosty adult beverages on a nice late afternoon during the summer. They’d smile, wave and raise their bottles or cans to us as we [work boats] slid past the North Brooklyn Riviera!”

Richard and Joel, thanks.  I think Tim will propose you for knighthood.  And which order would that be?

Photos, WVD.