A friend whose thoughts I value highly says she finds searching for a specific vessel daunting on this blog, partly because I post so often and also because I use titles that don’t always help, like “random such and so.”  I grant those, but I’ve not found a better way to capture the myriad vessels that pass my various vantage points.  Further, the search window functions well, and  you can search by category if you click on the blue words that follow the date right under a title.  Nonetheless, I welcome criticism even if I seem not to heed it and continue unrepentant in my ways.

Catherine Turecamo (built in  Louisiana …1972, ex-Gulf Tempest) passes at Howland Hook,


appropriate to “Year of the Ox” Taurus,  (Louisiana …1979)  bunkering APL Virginia,


Chesapeake (Louisiana …2006) here northbound in North River,


she who sometimes speaks with an Old World accent,   Megan McAllister (Louisiana …1985, ex-Arthur F. Zeman),


Gramma Lee T Moran, (Maine …2002)


Weeks’ Thomas (Louisiana …1976), involved in the salvage,


I’ll lay off a bit on the random collections, although all these fotos were taken last week by  . . . Will Van Dorp.