Eileen McAllister and McAllister Responder pass Bel Taylor.


Labrador Sea eastbound past MOT and upriver for some ice-breaking noise.


Laura K Moran trails London Express,  headed for Newark Bay.


The red tanker Northern Bell (I thought only “southern bells” existed) get passed by a white mystery tug, the indomitable Clyde, and Moran’s Cape Cod.  Anyone know the white tug just ahead of the “truckable” Clyde?


More sixth boro tugs, randomly aggregated, soon.  I need to catch up.

Unrelated:  Just as fellow-bloggers and I keep an “eye,” a curious and fascinated eye, on the sixth boro and other places, Richard Clark–fellow former resident of New Hampshire–keeps his eye on a bay in Nova Scotia that produces something that just might be present in my residence and your s. . . sheet rock or wallboard transported by the likes of A. V. Kastner. See his blog here.

Photos, WVD.