Not all situations can be simplified.  And not all fotos can have sharp lines.   Check out the atmospheric possibilities serendipity dropped on me last week.  Not that much snow fell, but I stood out by Howland Hook when it fell at greatest intensity.  Enjoy the snow parade, starting with Dean Reinauer, then


Bruce A. McAllister once,


Franklin Reinauer,


Bruce A. a second time, held back by the descending Arthur Kill railroad bridge announced by SHE of the –er . . . interesting . . . voice,


and the classic lines of Moran’s Cape Cod.


You can locate other fotos, clear ones, of these vessels using the search box upper left.  For now some vitals:  Dean 1979  78′ loa and 10′ draft, Bruce A. 1974  111′   12′, Franklin 1984   81′  12′, and Cape Cod 1967  102′  13′

Associations:  snow day  +      snow job  –        For other expressions using “snow” including dream interpretation and “spice the snow,” check this dictionary link.

Photos, WVD.