Booms.  Not jarring bass concussions.  Not large Arabian dhows.  Not sailing vessel  spars.  Not what I’d love to see happen and sustain itself in the markets.  Nor most of these others.

I mean the yellow “tubes” in this foto lurking in my head since the ubiquitous Bowsprite sent it a few months back.  Besides evoking a sense of mystery in me, the foto also suggests a similarity between pollution prevention activities in New York, and small craft net fishing.


Booms are routinely deployed around vessels during petroleum transfer.  You may have a hard time seeing them in the foto below, but


they are present, black here around the bulbous bow.


Protection, hard to see, but


there, the bright yellow floaters.


I saw Ken‘s deploying booms within hours of the US Airways plane ditching in the Hudson last week, and as crews readied the barge to receive the salvaged aircraft, one wing still containing fuel, still more booms came in to prevent contamination.


I’d be grateful if someone developed emotional booms to lessen our spillage of contaminating passions when we’re at our least attractive.  As in “Run to the ambulance and quickly get a latex boom for around those folks.  They’re fighting and might lose it any second.”

All fotos, except Bowsprite’s, by Will Van Dorp.

And thanks to my old friend Dan de Vries, who emailed it last night, here’s some music for today, Inauguration Day for POTUS44.  Listen for the less common words written by Woodie.