Note:  Bowsprite has updated her blog with her fotos radio transcripts AND scooped everyone by including fotos here of  the recovered plane headed across to the Jersey side on the Weeks barge!  Way to go, bowsprite!

Ice:  cold, paralyzing, abrasive, noisy.  Foto of Francis E. Roehrig (now Aegean Sea) and fuel barge DBL-29 icebound in Rockaway Inlet.  Compliments of Jed.


Weeks tugs Thomas and Alexandria move lift barge 533 into position above A320 N106US yesterday morning.  Foto compliments of the indefatigeable bowspite.


Earlier foto of Weeks tugs and barge mentioned above moving past the Statue toward the North River.  For more of bowsprite’s photostream, click here.


Moose boat attempting unsucessfully to enter North Cove across the ice pack.  Obviously these are smaller than icebergs classified as “growlers,” but is there a technical name for these other than “chunks”?


Some of the government boats on the scene yesterday with Jersey city in the background.


Yeah, I used to ice fish and dreamed of driving ice bridges, but this pix make me want to move to the southern hemisphere for a season.  Meanwhile, my mind might contemplate a character-building winter swim, but the flesh … well… just gets goose bumps.

Speaking of geese, a strange image I couldn’t photograph yesterday afternoon involved a set of four helicopters high and distant over Jersey City in the vicinity of the flight path for Newark International, AND occupying the same apparent airspace, a flock of dozens of geese flying south in V-formation.  Escort them from the area, those  . . .  avian non grata…  it suggested.

Although it may be too late to see anything, Amy over at Newyorkology mentions that some of yesterday’s salvage activities could be viewed via the Liberty State Park’s webcam #3.  See link here.