I didn’t go to the Hudson to see the salvage effort today.  But here’s a link (NY Times) and another link (Peter Mello) to a story of a Massachusetts tug that assisted and a Flickr link, showing a K-Sea boat (McKinley Sea) and three Bouchard boats (Brendan and Evening Tide and ?).  Ron Rice shares the image below, taken this morning.  Thanks Ron.  According to the omnisicient bowsprite, DonJon Marine‘s cranes Columbia and Delaware Bay stand by on the scene with tugs Thomas Witte and Mary Alice.


What follows is what I’d planned to post yesterday.

Below Hackensack heads out for the tugboat race in September 2006.  After the race, I didn’t see her again until spring 2008.  The “temporary tattoo” scheme stemmed from Portraits of Hope, also behind recent redecorations on NYC taxis.   Any guess on Hackensack’s appearance now?


According to Hackensack‘s “myspace” page (now two years old), she’s female, single, Capricorn, vintage New Orleans 1953, and available to the highest bidder.  Is this still true?  Here’s what I saw spring 2008 in Kingston.


For someone dating from 1953, she’s a looker.


even close up during molt season.


Anyone share  info on Hackensack?  Stories of her “peacockification,” as Bonnie phrased it here or more recent “de-peacockification” as I’ll dub it?

Unrelated . . . if you haven’t heard of Henry Hudson’s latest networking/socializing in Amsterdam, check it here.