A half year has sped past since the previous installment of random ships here.   I went today looking for ice fotos, but found nothing chunky in the sixth boro;  I might though when I get upriver this weekend.  Not to say it was warm;  my fingers froze as I took this shot of –what–Nordic Helsinki, the very sound threatens hypothermia.


With relief, I found vessels with warmer names as well, like NCC Hijaz, named for the high desert,


African Joy (actually in the harbor Christmas Day), and


Sun Right. And if I had to choose a ship’s name to conjure up hot, sweaty thoughts, it’d be


Sun Right (ex-Ever Right), of course.


But in spite of such a warm name, my fingers could still barely push the shutter button.  More ice soon.  Take special care the rest of this week.

If you really like ice, you might head up to the Knickerbocker Ice Festival.

Photos, WVD.