The longsighted bowsprite managed to record these fotos just before the holidays.  Neither of us had seen the towed vessel behind June K before.  Before looking at the rest of the fotos, any ideas of its identity?


Of course some of you know it, but I was still befogged until I did some hunting and learned that


the sixth boro has long been inhabited by a floating hospital.  I’ve written about such a vessel I’d seen a whole lifetime ago when I worked as a Peace Corps volunteer in Congo  (then-Zaire), but


in New York?  But here and here are some links about this institution.  I’d love to hear more about NYCFH.


Did anyone besides bowsprite  catch June K‘s tow?  Where upstream has it come to rest?

All fotos by bowspite–uhh , make that bowsprite.  A million apologies.