Looking northwest from Stone Mountain toward Kennesaw Mountain (roughly from greater Atlanta toward northern Alabama) around the start of the new year and


teaching my grandson the basics of using a compass, I’m


wondering–like everybody–what the year will bring, which direction (s) it’ll turn.  As the original inhabitants depicted in this statue of a Cherokee fisherman in Chattanooga on the southern bank of the Tennessee, we all need basic sustenance for starters.


Where we head keeps us guessing.  The Tennessee heads south from greater Knoxville and then west and north to empty into the Ohio before its waters feed the Gulf of Mexico.  The Coosa, here in headwaters near Atlanta, heads into Mobile Bay as the Alabama.


Not far away, the Chattahoochee heads for the Florida panhandle,


carrying these driftboat trout fisherman along for a new year’s day ride.


Tomorrow I head for the Carolina coast and then to the sixth boro and then . . . who really knows.  Driftboat anyone?

All photos by or of WVD.