I’ve been searching for an alternative title to “random” because I never imagined this series would top #30, and because the vessels chosen are not necessarily random. Since the search hasn’t turned up anything better, let me randomly continue. What better place to continue than with Meagan Ann, since 1975 carrying a long list of random former names: Scorpius, Joseph T, Olympic, and GeorgeAnn. Meagan Ann, previously of Constellation Maritime, heads south into the Buttermilk.


Maryland . . .has always had Maryland in its name since 1962, even if a certain oil company’s name was also once there.  Here Maryland cruises past Howland Hook.


Buchanan 1, I think.  Buchanan boats carry names just like this blog series:  1, 3, 10, … except less linear or predictable.


Here comes a pair of pups:  Ross Sea and Labrador Sea, each less than 10 years old.


And then there’s Solomon Sea, renamed in 2008 from Brandon C. Roehrig.


All images posted randomly by Will Van Dorp.