Of course, many bright happy spots and fine people surround me this dark solstice.  Yet, I have to consciously remind myself of this brightness sometimes, given how bleak this time of year can seem, and especially this December.  So . . . an especially cheery thought is that, given the best scientific knowledge on merfolk migration, the next parade mermaids and consorting sirens is only six months away now.  So how’s about some aides-memoires from summer 08 . . . music for the season . . . like the  East Village Sea Monster Marching Band, or


Santa of the sands, his chariot guided thru the seas back to the boro by a purple-eyed pooch and rearview red-tailed African gray, and


some of his helpers.


With such thoughts floating through my head, I think I’ll survive the darkness, the monochromatic city, where sometimes


spirits just don’t sparkle or fizz and


even some favorites look black & white.

Buoyed by the impending mer-migration back north, I feel better.  Happy “getting past winter solstice,” be jolly, thanks for reading the blog, and huzzah that the next mer-parade in the boro is only a mere 4300+ hours away!

All fotos always unless otherwise attributed by Will Van Dorp.