Mood at the boat show in general you ask . . . my gut says . . . gloomy, depressed, funereal.  Bonus prospects have fizzled months ago, and Santa and his storm-tossed proxies need to deliver a lot of coal.

However, in my humble opinion, one exhibit effervesces, though, overflowing with excitement, restless to see completion, launch, and return in less than a year.

Water spray on the left and a flame on the right?  So what’s this?


Try seventeenth-century fire bending of planks for the ship’s boat


before assembly.  What’s done small scale here was done larger scale on the Onrust.


Ashwood sawdust gets created here


in quest of the hundred or so blocks of various sizes.  Linger too long at this table and you could just fizz with excitement to be an apprentice, or


you might be impressed into spritsail work.


The figurehead is gradually being liberated from this piece of cottonwood, which will


blend hindways onto


this massive piece of oak that has assumed this shape already at the Boat Show.


But don’t take my word for any of this.  If you can, treat yourself and come down to the Show.  Your enthusiasm might spill over as you sniff the pine tar in the morning, listen for carver’s mallets, buoy the spirits of the merchants.  You might even catch the waterskiing squirrel show.

Unrelated . . .  Zhenhua 4, one of the crane ships, was unsuccessfully attacked in Gulf of Aden by pirates today.

Photos, WVD.