As we approach winter solstice in the north, noon light can be dull enough for me to wonder if my eyesight might be failing, my glasses opaque with greasy fingerprints.


But yesterday my company was luminous (solar bright, even)  and the movement on KVK exciting (with stellar choreography), so we watched Sea Venture pivot with the assistance of McAllister Responder and Ellen McAllister and


like a mere tub toy, this


570′ loa vessel did a 180,


fired up the M. A. N.  engine and


headed for sea even if


for now she headed only as far as Stapleton anchorage.


Still,  this overcast December  light really makes me rub my eyes.

Related:  To take the fotos above, I stood in front of the entrance to Snug Harbor, Staten Island.  If you haven’t seen the exhibit “As Tugs Go By” yet, make a point to get there.  It’s fabulous.  Recently, as I re-read Fast and Able, it amazed me how many fish-schooner crew of vessels the vintage of Lettie G. Howard spent their last days on Staten Island at Snug Harbor.

Note:  Sea Venture is fleet sibling of an ITB featured here a year ago.

Photos, WVD.