Launched a month before the big stock market crash,  drafted into submarine hunting duty during World War 2, and here three years back sailing past the sugar dome no more in Red Hook, it’s Shearwater, a product–like some of the new Moran tugs–of Boothbay, Maine.


Below, she exits the northern end of Arthur Kill, after no doubt returning from post-New York sailing  season maintenance.  Unlike Lettie G. Howard, also a New England-built schooner, Shearwater was never a fish boat.  Oyster Bay of the Gatsby-era was her first port, and any oysters aboard were harvested by another vessel.  I’m told there’s a spiral staircase leading below.  I must make a point to sail aboard her next season.


Anyone know where she winters this year?  Anyone have fotos of Shearwater as a gray-painted sub chaser?


All fotos by Will Van Dorp.