Six score lacking five years, and still awork as a school ship, it’s Lettie G. Howard, one of 4000 (yup!!) vessels built in tiny Essex, Massachusetts.


In the first score of years of its life, Lettie‘s dorymen would fill her hold with Banks fish, then race them back to the fish market . . .


to be first schooner-load in, which collected highest prices.  Highliner, such a vessel would be called.


Here Lettie glides alongside Amistad in the Chesapeake Schooner Race in October.    Thanks to Jed for this foto.


By the way, if you’re in New York Saturday, December 6, stop by the Mary Whalen for some birthday cake.   She’s three score and ten, and got this streak going.  Pegasus, a 1907 tugboat, will glide in on her own power.  Lots more.

Except for Jed’s foto, all taken by Will Van Dorp.

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