A quick search of tugster archives (see left sidebar) shows many previous fotos of one of the more unusual vessels in the boro,  Kristin Poling, a 281′ loa shallow-draft coastal tanker.  Many thanks to Joel for this shot.

aaakpI took this January 2008 from the KVK.  Kristin was launched as Poughkeepsie Socony from United Dry Docks.  Before dubbed Kristin, she was Captain Sam, Mobil New York, and then Poughkeepsie Socony. See this link for great early-1950s shots by a crewman.

aaakp9In summer 2007,  Kristin needed a little H & D . . .  uh, high and dry.  I’d love to see a foto of its stern/prop H & D.

aaaakpThree score and fourteen and still awork.  Impressive.  And I’d love a tour of such a matriarch.

Photos, WVD.