Many thanks to Joel Milton for this undated, “coloriferous” image of –well–  “Marilyn out of the frying pan and into the [North] River.”  Might she of the yellow locks feel attracted by the radiance of the lightship?


A year younger than four score, Frying Pan repelled mariners from shoals at the mouth of the Cape Fear River for a score-and-a-half years before making its way northward.  The past two decades ‘Pan has spent along the Hudson lighting up the night in new ways.  Her storied career–including almost three years underwater–is detailed in links here, including one by the ubiquitous Fred of tug44.


Parties and gatherings have drawn others to Frying Pan, and since tugster is looking for a winter  “water aficionado” groupement, I’d love to hear accounts of Frying Pan as such a venue.  Might “frying” happen to ‘Pan in the below decks?  Email me if you have off-the-record remarks.  Might the fireboat raft up in case these gatherings get too hot?  Foto below thanks to Bowsprite.


Unrelated:  Read how Henry’s been obsessing again here about his voyages twenty score years past.

Also unrelated:  Read this account of an Egyptian Captain Mahmoud Hammad detained for over three weeks this year  by Somali pirates til ransom was paid.

Finally, Brian has updated his site with bridges over the Harlem River.  Great links.