I adopted the theme “three score plus” for this week.  Anything still afloat in the harbor 60 years or older, any vessel launched prior 1948 or earlier is fair game.  Please send along your candidates . .  I may have an incomplete list. What vessels of this vintage work in other ports?    John B. Caddell and Mary A. Whalen fit the “three score plus” criterion.  And so does the older, larger sister, Coral Queen.  Spot it below pulling past an annoyingly slow (in the KVK) container vessel, Maersk Donegal, and preparing to


streak past like a high-performance Stutz Bearcat circa 1920 like


Coral Queen, and still awork after four score and eight years!!


Coral Queen has shed several other identities since it came off the ways at Bethlehem SB, Corp. in Elizabethport, NJ in 1920 as Buffalo Socony.  Among them, Buffalo, Queens Bay, and Leona L., always 188 ‘ loa.  Anyone have fotos of this vessel with the above names?

Thanks to Joel Milton for this shot of Coral Queen under Pulaski Bridge in Newtown Creek.  More of Joel’s fotos soon.


Another “three score plus” vessel in the harbor in tomorrow’s post.