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I’d never heard that word before today on a radio show.  But here’s evidence that it exists, although I know some folks bad-mouth wikipedia.  So . .  if you hear the Creedence Clearwater line as “there’s a bathroom on the right” instead of “… a bad moon on the rise…”  or misconstrue some explicit words in “Louie Lou-eye,” then you understand a mondegreen.  So while nursing a thermos of coffee over along KVK today, I thought I heard reference on VHF  to an inbound container vessel called “Emirati.”


And then it came around the bend, a black hull delivering trinkets and essentials for Black Friday,  escorted by Gramma Lee T Moran,  with Solomon Sea as opposing traffic.


and then I heard traffic on the radio again referring to the vessel as “ham… (long hesitation)   berry, ”


Hamberry?  It’s starting to sound like a parody of a Thanksgiving menu.    “Have a slice of hamberry pie with that borrel, auntie johanna?”


It’s spelled out clearly right there from left to right and then from right to left.  Hammurabi.


Mr. Lawmaker, the original “eye-for-an-eye” guy.  In his ancient code book, I’ll bet there’s a a stiff consequence for mangling his name.  No mondegreens when you’re talking about Mr Ham Berry.  Or was that Danbury?

Happy Thanksgiving where ever you might be.  I might do some blog “cold turkey” a day or so.

Unrelated:  Check out a new blog on my blogroll:  piratebook.

Funrelated passed along from Mage:  Is it Stan, Buy Me ?  It doesn’t matter… just dance.

Photos, WVD.

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