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So Alice came back, just for me.  How thrilled I felt last Saturday to see her  back in the sand piles over by the Navy Yard.  Since November 26, 2006 Alice O has circled the globe and stopped or approached every continent except Antarctica.  And I have


posted 629 times (counting this one) on this blog, added over 2500 fotos, registered just over 129,300 hits, met (virtually and in the flesh) many fantastic ones of you from every continent except Antarctica, had loads of fun, avoided getting arrested, and made billions of sixth-boro piasters.   Wealthy as I am, no terrestrial financial institution honors those piasters!

Seriously, this is my second birthday post, and Alice, unrequiting as she sometimes chooses to be, came back for it.  My spirit feels her touch albeit distant;  I now know she cares.

Thanks to you all for the encouragement.  I’ve considered stopping or cutting back frequently, but  . . .

Just an idea to toss out:  at some point in the next months, I’d like to host a sixth boro party, stave off the winter cold, and gather good energies into critical mass to see if jointly more documenting of the boro might be desirable.  Drop me your thoughts.

Hey . . . if Alice gets friendly, this party could be a love feast co-sponsored by Alice and me sailing off to “frolick in the autumn mist in a land called Honah Lee.”  Guess that makes Alice my “puff.”

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