“restless” in Dutch.  And restless perfectly describes the efforts of a committed set of folks who have been turning this


“woodpile” into


a replica of Adriaen Block’s Onrust using some 17th century shipbuilding techniques as taught by Dutch naval archeologist Gerald de Weerdt.  Even the Rocking the Boat folks have joined in, constructing the tender.


Volunteers transform the woodpile into exhibits like this mast-building model for the Onrust exhibit at the New York National Boat Show, as well as


the actual windlass and


the “commodore fid” used in creating the standing rigging and processes with esoteric names like worming, parceling, and serving.  Wanna learn how . . . watch this training video.


Vision and sweat . . . or frozen fingers on a day like last Saturday . . .


materializes a dream and creates a community.


Come talk with the Onrust folks at the New York National Boat Show, Javits Center starting December 13.  The sailmaker from the Netherlands will be working there.  And Onrust is eager to meet her rendezvous at the Battery late next summer.

Onrust, great name thanks to Adriaan Block, describing a vessel that wants resurrection, more communities that crave building, personal futures that desire incarnation.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.  By the way, type “restless” into the search window to see how the vessel appeared last January.